Pony Rides &

Petting farm Packages

   2 ponies for rides  

 with Petting Farm Animal

Petting Farm Only

Our Animal Farm Petting Zoo Can Include:

12+ Friendly animals: 

 The cutest goats, sheep, bunnies, fancy chickens & ducks , petting pony (no



      Corporate Events

          All you need for large events...

We Offer Hand led Pony rides that are given in your front or back yard at your location.

 2 Ponies for rides

 1 Hour .....$250.00**

1 Hour &1/2 ....$325.00*

2 Hours......$375.00**

*travel fee may apply for Shafter and Delano.​ 

 *F.Y.I .weight limit on our little ponies is  65lbs...( 75lbs on larger pony,)  on request & Parties prices  Limit  30 Riders. Pleases See Corporate packages for more than 30 riders,

Pony Rides Only

​​​​​​​​​#1 Birthday Package

2 Ponies for rides

 &  Petting Zoo

(1 Hour)

10x10 or 10x 20 corral


           #2 Package                 2 Ponies for rides & 

Petting Farm

 (1 -1/2 Hours)


 The Bonanza"#4

(* Parties less than 40 children)

 2  Pony for rides with Petting Zoo

 (2 hours)

$ 425.00* 

Bakersfield Prices*

Choose 10X10 or 10X20 Farm !

* A Travel fee $30 -$50. to Out of town. Shafter and Delano Areas.

 *Please SEE  F.Y.I ....Q&A...

Party Details for questions below :)* 


F.Y.I ...Q & A....PARTY DETAILS :  

 These above prices are for Birthday parties size events, usually 8 to 40 Children

(there may be a limit to children entertained if more than 30 Children.)

.* Trip charge may apply.

Please see "Corporate event quotes get more time, More Ponies and fun! 

 Our larger farm set up that serves up to 1000 guest.

Call for Holiday weekend pricing.

 We do arrive earlier for Set up:YES. about 20 min, before your contracted time.

Please Have parking ready about 4 car lengths (Truck and 16ft.Trailer)

   We can set up a Front yard, backyard? : YES.just need an open access to area and flat surface

Who Cleans up?  Us..All the mess leaves with us .......only smiles left behind.

Can Farm Go on concrete or dirt?Yes.Need to protect a surface?

Add on a Ground tarp and straw $20.00 for birthday party farm 10x10 corral.

Do we bring canopy or tent? YESBut only over petting farm. Blocks light rain and sun.

How far do you Travel:. We do charge a small travel fee..

Please call. 661-447-3513

How do I book a party? Go to Our "Party Contract form" at Top of the page.

And call in your $75.00 deposit.

661-447-3513        OurPonyGoRound@gmail.com

  Animals showed on the website and social media, Are Our family animals from past and present.

More than 40 little ones??

 Custom Package for Corporate, School and Church Events.....More Ponies and larger set up...

Our Pony Go Round

Large Setups 20 x20 (+) set up ​!

Animals showed on the website and socialmedia. Are only from past and present events. Some of them may not be available. =)

(*We need address for best quote )


Fun Package*

Package​# 3

for Birthday parties

Ask if available !

2 Hours of

Petting Farm & 

**1 hour Pony rides


(*Total of 2 hrs)

* out of area/ travel charge my apply 

1 hour .....$250.00*

1 &1/2 hours...$300.00*

2 hours .......$350.00

(*Birthday party prices)

10 x 10  or 10 x 20 corral

More that 40 Little ones?

We can quote 

​   Large Event

Schools/ Company picnics/Churches.

For more Ponies for Rides and

or Petting Farm /Zoo