Our Pony Go Round!!

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Call in to hold Party date with deposit !!

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To Book a Birthday Party this form must be in and "Submitted" before your party date.

          1. Call  & make sure event date is Available. We operate on first come first serve. 

            2. To Hold date, Book over the phone. (payment can be made with a credit or debit card,Vennmo or Paypal) 

                            -Its a $75.00 deposit & up (for larger events).

                            -The remaining balance is due at the event  (No date will be held without Deposit.)

                            - Deposits are Non-refundable.)

          3. For winter events we can not walk ponies in the rain, We can substitute, adjust time &

              try toaccommodate the party,If  weather is SAFE enough for Ponies, Animals, and guest

                          We do refund the deposit for rain if the refund policy is followed!

            4. Fill out this Party & Contract Form (EVERY LINE MUST BE FILLED IN) 

                                                                *Press "Submit." * when finished.