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Our Pony Go Round


  1. Ourponygoround@gmail.com

                       To Book a Birthday Party this form must be in and "Submitted"

        #1 Call  & make sure event date is Available. We operate on first come first serve. 661-447-3513

      #2 To Hold date  Book over the phone with M/C, Visa , AMX Or Discover Card.  

                                                      Its a $75.00 deposit * & up (for larger events).

         The Balance is due at the event  (No date will be held without Deposit.) Deposits are Non-refundable.)

              For winter events we can not walk ponies in the rain, We can substitute, adjust time &

 try toaccommodate the party.  If  weather is SAFE enough for Ponies, Animals, and guest,

We do refund the deposit for rain if the refund policy is followed,

                     #3  Fill out this Party & Contract Form, (EVERY LINE MUST BE FILLED IN)  *Press "Submit."